Debra's Charitable Service

Women Wonder Writers (WWW): Debra is the Co-Founding Executive Director of WWW, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving at-risk youth throughout Riverside County through arts, writing, mentoring and youth court programs. 

Gateway College & Career Academy: Debra is the Vice President and a Board of Education Director of this charter school, which helps youth, 16 through 21 years old, who are behind in high school credits, not on track for graduation, or have dropped out, earn a high school diploma while obtaining college credits towards a chosen college/career path.

California Association of Youth Courts (CAYC): Debra is the Secretary and Board of Director of this 501(c)(3) nonprofit organized to facilitate the exchange of information between emerging and existing California Youth Courts.

Orange County Young Executives (OCYE): Debra is the Director of Philanthropy and Board of Director of this organization of young professionals, executives and entrepreneurs, seeking to make a difference through philanthropy and the exchange of innovative ideas.

The PICK Group: Debra is the Treasurer and Board of Director of this organization, which provides opportunities for career-minded young professionals to connect socially, develop professionally, and engage civically for the betterment of Riverside.

Daughters Lives Matter: Debra is a supporter of Daughters Lives Matter, a movement bringing awareness to the importance of healthy father-daughter relationships in victimization prevention, education attainment, and poverty diversion.